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Our Projects

Here you can find a selection of the projects and initiatives we’ve been working on with our clients.


Soil Stabilization and Dust Control

Using an environmentally sustainable specialized polymer application as a solution to reduce dust hazards, decrease maintenance, and make compliance easy.


Liebherr International

Maritime Crane Service Agreement negotiations.


Kiverco International

Negotiations to become local agents for innovative and current recycling applications using quality products.


FabLab Development

Development of 3 FabLabs for a Libyan Telecommunication Co.


Flexible Solutions International

Providing Evaporation management for the Great Manmade River Authority in Libya for their mega reservoirs.



Chemical application to manage and control algae; and reduce taste and odor complaints in both municipal, lakes, and reservoir applications.

What can we do for you?

Working in conjunction with Libya-based AB Group, we can provide a variety of marketing, logistics, and financial services. If you would like to discuss your initiative, please feel free to contact us.